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Options to help your group find clarity & focus.

Host a workshop or ongoing class to help  your co-workers, friends or students gain focus and reduce stress.

I have supported smoking cessation groups to help loosen the grip of habitual behaviors, heart health groups to help reduce stress and yoga students to strengthen techniques of mindfulness on the mat and in daily life.

Couple Meditating

Fees are determined by:

  • number of attendees paying individually

  • or organization hosting for a group

  • contact me for details on pricing

Options may be modified:

30 Minute Talk

Overview of how Mindfulness can reduce stress. Short guided Mindful experience.

90 Minute Workshop

Gentle Yoga, breathing, guided relaxation prior to seated meditation.

Questions & dicusssion

45 Minute Classes

Regular meetings; includes movement, 20 minute seated practice, questions & discussion.

Private Sessions

Individual instruction to cultivate stillness with

  techniques to suit your needs.

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